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Venomous Snakes of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is home to a handful of highly venomous snakes, particularly there are 5 that humans come into contact with across the region. Snakes alike many other creatures can be found in particular habitats and environments based on their species type, where you are located on the Gold Coast will determine which of these deadly species you are likely to see in your property or neighbourhood.

Eastern Brown Snake

Undoubtedly, the deadliest snake is the Eastern Brown Snake is the most commonly spotted venomous snake on the Gold Coast. Across Pimpama, Coomera, Gilston, Nerang, Southport, Ashmore, Arundel, Burleigh, Broadbeach, Main Beach and every suburb on the Gold Coast we have seen or relocated Eastern Brown Snakes, including the Hinterland and Mount Tamborine.

Particularly, Main Beach, Hope Island, Coomera, Maudsland, Oxenford, Pacific Pines, Mount Nathan, Willow Vale, Pimpama and Gilston are among the most common suburbs for call out requests to catch and relocate Eastern Brown Snakes.

Red-Bellied Black Snake

Marshland suburbs and areas build on mangroves, such as Merrimac, Carrara, Coombabah, Pimpama, Coomera Waters, Mudgeeraba and Helensvale are high density areas for Red-Bellied Black Snakes. This is due to the wildlife that call these habitats home, including frogs and reptiles that may be prey to snakes. The upland rainforest areas including Beechmont, Mount Tambourine and the Hinterland surrounds have a strong, but almost completely separate population of Red-bellied Black Snakes.

Eastern Small-Eyed Snake

Next, the Eastern Small-Eyed Snake, which is less commonly known by the general public, is very common throughout some of the heavily forested suburbs of the Gold Coast. Approximately 90% of all Small-Eyed Snake call outs are on the west of the Pacific Highway (M1). These snakes are uniquely myotoxin snakes are communal (meeting in clusters and mating) nocturnal (more likely to move around and be spotted at night) and shelter by day under fallen logs, bark, stones and shrubbery.

Rough-Scaled Snake

The Gold Coast's Rough-Scaled Snake, although infrequently caught by our Snake Catchers, enjoys well-watered and lush environments across the Gold Coast and Hinterland. The majority of snake call outs for Rough-Scaled snakes occur in the Hinterland environment and mountains of the Gold Coast, although they are surprisingly prevalent throughout lowland populations, although they are rarely seen or sighted.

Stephens Banded Snake

The Stephens Banded Snake is another arboreal, dangerously venomous snake that is rarely spotted by Gold Coast residents. As a local Gold Coast Snake Catcher we record approximately 1 of these snake species in 1,200 snake call outs.

Eastern Tiger Snake

Another rarely seen and almost unheard of snake is the Eastern Tiger Snake. It's been recorded as a depleting species in the Hinterland and is almost completely restricted to Lamington National Park and the surrounding plateau.

Snakes are only potentially dangerous with 95% of all snake bites occurring when someone has either tried to catch or kill the snake. Even the most deadly snakes of the Gold Coast can be rendered harmless if they are left alone or caught by a professional snake catcher.

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