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Eastern Small-Eyed Snake 

(Cryptophis Nigrescens)


Identification: Shiny black to grey dorsal colour with orange, pink , cream or even white belly. Eyes typically quite small hence the name. Grows up to 1.2 m. 


Habitat: Heavily forested and rocky ground where it can seek shelter.


Diet: Mostly frogs and lizards.


Reproduction: Births live young, up to 5 in a litter.


Danger: Venom is comprised of slow acting toxins that attack muscle tissue and in severe cases can cause heart or kidney failure.


Behaviour: Nocturnal sheltering during the daylight, often communally, where it is sometimes disturbed under leaf litter. Twitchy when cornered and approached and will thrash around violently if handled, but will generally only bite if provoked.

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