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Payment Terms & Conditions

The nature of our business requires us to be prompt, reliable and on-call as a 24/7 Gold Coast Snake Catcher and in order to maintain our conservation strategy and ensure client satisfaction our services come with a cost associated with running our business that is confirmed with a client when you place a call with us and confirm your address details for the call-out. This is confirmation that you will proceed with the service and a call out fee is applicable regardless of if you cancel on us or if a snake or reptile is unable to be located.

Payment Options

We accept EFTPOS via our square payment device, Cash payments and Osko EFT payment transfers on the spot. Once a call is completed payment is required immediately. A small payment transaction fee is applicable to all payments made via EFTPOS. 

Invoicing Terms

In some instances we are able to provide invoices for businesses, care facilities, Government organisations, body corporates/strata properties and educational institutions. There may be an admin fee of $10 charged in addition to the call out cost/s and the invoice will have a set date for payment allowing 7 days for payment to be processed, unless otherwise agreed in a contract. 

Overdue Payments

Any business or organisation invoiced or charged by Hudson Snake Catching Pty Ltd for a service that is overdue will incur an overdue notice fee if not paid by the due date. After one overdue invoice is issued the matter will be referred to Hudson Snake Catching Pty Ltd's chosen debt collection agency and the invoice will be subject to a further debt collection recovery fee issued by the debt collection department. Please contact us on 0435954986 prior to the due date of your invoice if you have issues making payment on time. 


We do not offer refunds as our service is carried out regardless of the situation and a call out fee is applicable when the service is ordered over the phone or via message to our Snake Catcher. However, on occasion our Snake Catcher may negotiate a discounted return call out fee for additional call outs with the same circumstances, e.g. where a snake was not located and appears within and the client wants it relocated. 

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