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Red-bellied Black Snake

(Pseudechis Porphyiacus)


Identification: Medium to heavy build with head slightly distinct from neck and body. Glossy black dorsal colouration with underside and belly red, orange, pink sometimes almost white belly scales that are edged with black. Growing up to 2.4 m. High country red-bellied black snakes sometimes grow a little larger, due to larger prey available.


Habitat: Well watered country often in close proximity to a water source, this can include along river systems, in swamps, marshes and thickly forested country such as upland and lowland rainforests. 


Diet: Amphibian specialist also consuming fish, birds small mammals and reptiles including other snakes even of its own kind.


Reproduction: Births live young up to 20 snakes in a litter.


Danger: Dangerously venomous, but the least venomous of the pseudechis family. Venom can cause necrosis and even muscle paralysis and should be treated with immediate medical attention.


Behaviour: A shy species and quick to retreat, but will flatten his neck out and bite if cornered constricted or harassed. 

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