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Yellow-Faced Whip Snake

(Demansia Psammophis)


Identification: Has a comma shaped mark present coming from corner of the mouth. Dorsal colour is grey to olive with quite often a reddish brown pattern present on a third of the upper body and grows to 1.2m.


Habitat: Found in a broad spectrum of habitats favouring rocky outcrops, but common throughout woodlands heaths and near watercourses.


Diet: Lizards and skinks form the bulk of the diet, but will eat frogs.


Reproduction: Lays 6 eggs in an average clutch and often communal nesters. 


Danger: Mildly venomous and can produce severe local pain and inflammation some bites have caused swelling to other areas of the body in some cases.


Behaviour: Shelters beneath logs and rocks, concrete slabs and is sun loving fast moving species.

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