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Keeping your home safe

1. Rats/mice attract snakes so ensure your home is pest-free.

2. Tarps/wood piles and building materials are great hiding places so be sure to keep the area clear and cut your grass regularly.

3. Seal up any holes or cavities on the home's exterior and roofing areas.

4. Shut your doors and windows behind you and install fly screens and door sweeps where you can on windows, doors and your garage.

5. Make sure to have the number of a snake catcher handy in the case of an emergency. 

What to do?

1. The trick is always to stay as still as you can. Snakes are deaf and have poor vision compared to humans so staying still will cause them to forget you are there and go about their business. 

2. Never corner, attack or harass the snake. Most snake bites are caused when humans interfere with and attempt to capture the snake. Leave it to a professional snake catcher to safely capture and relocate the snake. 

3. If a snake is in your home or a dangerous position to you and your family call a snake catcher right away. Secure your children and pets safely and keep an eye on the snake until the catcher arrives. If the snake is in a room and it's safe to do so you can shut the door and jam the door gap with a towel to contain the snake safely. 

Pet Safety Tips

1. Keep your yard free of snake hiding places by following the 'Keeping your home safe' tips. 

2. Check on what your dog or cat is barking or hissing at when they are outside. 

3. Ensure you keep them in an open and safe area for play and enclose them into a safe space at night away from rock walls (snakes like to hide in them). 

4. If your dog is acting unusual don't hesitate to visit a vet immediately. Don't attempt to harrass or kill the snake if you see it simply take a photo and head to the vet. 

For more pet information head to:

Snake protection

1. Wear long thick pants! They can be a life saver and a large number of venomous snakes have quite small fangs that struggle to get through thick trousers. 

2. Wear closed in shoes. Most bites will occur accidentally when someone steps on a snake. Wearing closed in shoes can save you having a visit to the emergency department. 

3. Watch wear you walk and exercise caution when moving large items in your yard. Move log piles and building supplies or tarps with a stick and be sure to take a touch in the roof to check for unwanted guests before you jump up there. 

First Aid

1. Always carry a snake bandage on you. 


2. If you have been bitten avoid washing the bite site at all. The hospital will need to swap the area of the bite to test what anti-venom you will require, if necessary

3. Wrap the snake bandage over the bite site and begin wrapping down the limb towards your fingers or toes and then return up the limb and continue wrapping with gentle pressure. This technique can prevent the venom from spreading through the lymphatic system on the limb and save a life.


4. Stay calm, try not to move the limb and call an ambulance or get to hospital immediately.  

When to call

Anytime is a great time to call us.


0435 954 986


We are a 24/7 Gold Coast Snake Catcher servicing the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, Logan and surrounds. 

Whether you want advice or require a snake inspection or relocation, we are here to help. 

We have done the research too and we are the most affordable licensed snake catcher on the Gold Coast - beacause we do this for the love of snakes and reptiles!

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