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Green Tree Snake

(Dendrelaphis Punctulatus)


Identification: Slender body with a head distinct from the neck. Typically colouration varies geographically, however most common colouration in Southeast Queensland specimens is a dark green to almost black dorsal colour with yellow belly. Blue faze specimens will have dark to almost blue dorsal colour and a cream belly. Blue flecks will be present in all specimens when threatened. Growing up and over 1.8m.


Habitat: Well-forested areas including Eucalypt forest and woodlands, rainforest especially around watercourses. Also makes itself at home in urban and semi-urban garden ecosystems.


Diet: Frogs and tadpoles, small lizards and sometimes fish. Specimens have been recorded eating other smaller snake species.


Reproduction: Up to 14 eggs laid in a clutch.


Danger: Harmless to humans although they can bite. 


Behaviour: Arboreal natured, but also terrestrial with good aquatic ability. When threatened it will puff out throat, ignite blue scales and secret a foul smelling liquid from its anus.

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