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January 2024 Update

It was an exciting start for the year and the mid-Summer snake season this month, as the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Snake Catcher Team hit the roads running.

Flooding rains and violent storms, even tornadoes struck the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim regions. This wild weather certainly influenced the snake season here on the Gold Coast in several ways! Firstly the floods flushed an abundance of frogs around meaning lots of food resulting many callouts for Red-bellied Black Snakes . Hudson Snake Catching relocated many healthy Red-bellied Black Snakes from several suburbs, particularly in Coomera Waters, Pimpama,  Ormeau and its surrounding Northern Gold Coast suburbs. Merrimac, Carrara, Coombabah and other marshy suburbs also saw snake activity due to the weather and resulted in multiple snake call outs for Red-bellied Black Snakes.


The Hatchling Season also kicked off with a bang on the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim for the #1 local Snake Catcher team. The first wave of hatchling came in the form of baby Keelback Snakes which where witnessed throughout the Gold Coast with several calls at Varsity Lakes and Robina for our Snake Catchers to safely remove and relocate snakes. We then witnessed a surge in enquiries and callouts for hatchling Green Tree Snakes including callouts in Ashmore, Coomera and Stapylton.  


A clutch or Carpet Python eggs was successfully rescued by our local catchers from Helensvale was successfully incubated by the fantastic team at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and then released back into the wild.


With the onslaught of the heatwave following the wet weather, Hudson Snake Catching attending multiple callouts for a variety of snake species entering Gold Coast and Scenic Rim homes and businesses, with snakes attempting to escape the heat and cool down. An young Eastern Brown Snake was caught and relocated by our professional team inside a truck depot at Helensvale. A Scenic Rim customer was delighted to see our rapid response snake catcher turn up to remove a rather defensive Eastern Brown from her living room. We look forward to the peak of the season which is now here and look forward to delivering you more Snake Catching updates.


Wishing all our customers, followers and community a happy, healthy and safe February from your friendly neighbourhood Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Snake Catcher .


Remember “If we can't catch it, no one can” and that “We’re for your safety and theirs too”.

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