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The Monthly Bite - September Edition

Spring is here and that means snake season is in full swing! Excuse the rhyming... This Spring the Gold Coast Snake Catcher team have seen a noticeable increase in

early movement of elapids, more prevalent that last year. Our snake catchers removed more than double the quantity of deadly Eastern Brown Snakes in comparison to September 2022.

The change in snake activity and behaviour can be attributed to the low pressure systems, hot days, the mating season commencing for wildlife and more importantly the El Nino weather pattern, compared to the La Nina weather last season. These hotter and dryer weather conditions are particularly favourable by the local Eastern Brown Snakes, giving the males the perfect conditions to get moving and seek out a female mate. This is why we will get called out to relocate fast-moving snakes and they can tear through yards with people and pets seeking out a female to pair with, in which case we will catch mating pairs or snake combating pairs where a male comes into contact with a fellow male snake. The Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Snake Catchers have also removed double the amount of Red-bellied Black Snakes, with a particular amount of catches commonly in Merrimac on the Gold Coast.

Knowingly the fastest response Snake Catcher on the Gold Coast, Hudson Snake Catching can get to calls at a rapid rate, as we are a local servicing locals and increasing the likelihood of us catching them.

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