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The Monthly Bite - July Edition

Our Gold Coast Snake Catchers have been busier this winter season than last. Particularly this July has seen much more snakes moving around the Gold Coast.

Our Snake Catcher team has removed and relocated 15 snakes in the first 2 weeks of the month and also relocated a carpet python from Banora Point across the border. Roof inspections have also already seen a 40% increase compared with this time last year. It's a typical time for reptile roof inspections with snakes and reptiles seeking refuge in warm and confined spaces.

The Gold Coast Snake Catching team have been busy with calls for advice and snake identification requests. We advise our valued customers that it is a good opportunity now to start preparing their property for the upcoming snake season. We expect an increased trend of callouts to remove and relocate snakes from Gold Coast ceilings as we get closer to Spring and the reptile/snake mating season. Snake Catcher Tom Faulkner successfully found, caught and relocated an Eastern Small Eyed Snake (dangerously venomous) from Polly's Kitchen drink station at the Kokoda Challenge event in Mudgeeraba/Neranwood. Each of our 24/7 Snake catchers are strategically located throughout the Gold Coast in order to deliver you the fastest, most reliable Gold Coast Snake Catcher at the best price .

The brumation phase of the season will continue and we expect a more noticeable start to the official snake season earlier than last year. Stay safe out there and remember “If we cant catch it no one can!”

For regular on-time and live updates on snake activity on the Gold Coast, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Regards, Tim Hudson.

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