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Tom's Possum Removals 

Possums are beautiful creatures native to Australia and the Gold Coast, but regularly create a nuisance for residential home owners. Our Possum catcher Tom is equipped to safely trap, capture and relocate your unwanted birds and mammals. Call the Gold Coast Possum Removalist, Tom Faulkner today.

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We are licensed by the Department of Environment and Science to safely and securely capture and relocate possums and brush turkeys when requested. These animals are protected by State law and are a vital part of our ecosystem, although they can become a pest or an attractant to snakes and other unwanted visitors. 

We have a range of service offerings and opportunities to safely relocate your unwanted house guest. But please note we are legally only able to relocate a possum within 25 metres of where it is caught, in order not to hinder the welfare of the mammal. We also recommend methods to secure your home and prevent unwanted mammals and reptiles from visiting again. 

Possum removal is not always a straight forward service, but with our package options we will be able to help you achieve a desired result: 

1. Possum trap 24 hour period, includes drop and collection of trap to Gold Coast property. 

2. Daily rate to have Possum trap at your property (ongoing after initial day). 

3. Immediate capture and relocation of Possum or Brush Turkey (if visible and accessible). 

4. Consultation for the prevention of unwanted Possums and Brush Turkeys, includes property/roof inspection.  



Trap set up and collection (Day 1): $200 plus GST

Daily rate for trap (24 hour period): $150 plus GST

Immediate capture and relocation (25m for possums*): $200 plus GST

Consultation and Property Inspection: $150 plus GST

Please note: As per our Damage Mitigation Permit we are only able to relocate a possum within 25 metres of the capture site. We will provide advice and recommendations to help seal any openings and entry points for possums, but there is no warranty or guarantee regarding the service after the possum is relocated, due to licensing and animal welfare restrictions.


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